Building brands with bite.

Building brands
with bite.

Let’s dig deep. Make a mess and chew up some rough drafts.
By getting under the surface of your company, we can build your brand with grit, soul, and purpose.

Design without strategy is pointless.
— Fabian Geyrhalter, Finien

Chewmarks is a branding company that puts strategy before design for tenacious entrepreneurs who need clarity and direction in a time when they are being offered order takers for their ideas, not solutions to their problems.

It’s too often we see companies struggling to get a foothold with their business.

Frequently companies—and the creatives that serve them—jump the gun. In the rush and excitement of launching a new business, they plunge into the visuals: logo, colours, maybe even as far as a website. This can be a costly mistake.

Think of your business as a building.

Anxious to be out in the world we pick paint swatches, tile patterns, and fixtures. Yet we haven’t drawn up the blueprints, poured the foundation, or started the framing. We’re prettifying a building that doesn’t exist yet.

By starting with the logo and identity design before determining strategy, we do the same thing. We invest in design without making informed decisions. Often missing the mark for external client needs and internal company goals.

Lots of time and money go to waste by skipping ahead, not to mention the opportunity costs.

Chewmarks starts with branding.


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“A brand is not a logo. 
A brand is not an identity. 
A brand is not a product.

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”



Keeping track of the jargon can be tough. Particularly with a word like “branding” that is often misused and stretched to fit a variety of situations.

I get it.

When Chewmarks talks about branding, we are discussing all the intangible things that add up to “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.” While you cannot tell someone how to feel about your brand, you can influence it. With careful consideration and craft, you can build the foundation to support your outward brand identity.